Winter wedding at Bhaktivedanta Manor and The Barbican Centre

This was a brilliant way for us to end the year on a crisp clear day for a winter wedding at the Hare Krishna Temple near Watford.  Cauvery and Suddi’s wedding was a joy and hopefully you can see from the photographs that this wedding was one full of laughter as these two were able to conduct their legal and religious ceremonies in the same room.  We’ve not experienced this before, but how brilliant that you now have your civil ceremony on the same day at the same time. It must make the logistics of planning a wedding so very much easier.

This was our first wedding at Bhaktivedanta Manor  and hope we get to come back, perhaps on a summers day next time ! All of the staff there were extremely helpful and went out of their way to make sure as many of the guests as possible could enjoy the ceremonies.  After both ceremonies the guests were bussed into Central London for the reception we stayed behind to get a few shots of Cuavery and Suddi as we were loosing light fast given we were in the middle of December.

We then headed to the Barbican which is a kind of marmite place, the brutal architecture is made all the more stark in the middle of winter, but we love this place, so it was a total thrill to work here. The only challenge was that the heating system in the Conservatory cast a red light across all the guests, so thankfully we had sufficient lighting kit with us to overcome this as there was no way we could have shot without them as all our images would have come orange !

We left the party after the first dance and it was one of those weddings when you just know the party was going to be epic!  If you are planning your own wedding at  Bhaktivedanta Manor or The Barbican Conservatory, please do give us a call or email us. They are both wonderful venues and we would be thrilled to be part of your day.










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