On St Patricks Day 2000 we met on a blind date in London’s Soho.

Both a little unsure but we figured that at least we would have a lovely dinner, so why not! Within a year we were living together and in January 2005 Don proposed spontaneously on a Saturday night when we sat in big jumpers drinking big wine. 12 weeks later we were married on the Kings Road in Chelsea, when we had the best possible day with the best possible people.

That was eleven years ago and now we have one son-in-law, three dogs, four grandsons and a photography business that we adore.

The best thing about our photography is knowing what a profound impact we can have on the lives of the couples we work with and that the decisions we make at a wedding and the images we capture are going to stay within a new family for generations to come.  We love the process, we love the challenge and we love the adrenaline rush that comes at that start of every wedding day as we charge batteries, clean lenses and go through our prep rituals that give us the peace of mind to know we are ready to go out there and create great shots for people who value photography and want their wedding pictures to tell the story of the greatest day of their lives.