Newton Hall

Just after Easter we travelled for around 6 hours to get Newton Hall and whilst we were excited about Rowena & Michael’s wedding, we weren’t looking forward to travelling quite so far.  As with all things, I’m a firm believer of you get out what you put in, and our long travels were rewarded with one of the most fabulous venues in the UK.  Newton Hall is reasonably close to a beach on the Northumberland coast and with abit more time and slightly better weather we could have gone there for some bridal party shots, in fact, their own website promotes beach photography during a wedding very heavily.  This is a tad misleading as you’re given the impression that the Hall is right on the beach rather than a very short car drive away, but no matter, Newton Hall is a true gem.

I would love to know who did the interior design at Newton Hall, it is exquisite, with lots of whimsical touches that connect and entertain, we loved it. So the big question is would we go back… yes yes yes, time and time again, given the opportunity. This is a venue that delivers amazing rooms ( ask for the Italian room) classy reception rooms and  a wonderful space for the wedding service and reception. The wedding food was fabulous and the Northumberland sausage sandwich we were given just as we were leaving was a godsend !  It would extraordinary to be at Newton in the height of summer when you can truly use the exterior space, the views are magnificent and once the garden is more established, it’s going to be a world class location, who am I kidding, it already is,so if you are planning your Newton Hall Wedding, we would be delighted to talk to you.



interior italian room newton-hall-front




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