Wedding at Notley Abbey, Hayley and Sunny

Wedding at Notley Abbey, Hayley and Sunny

It’s lovely when you can return to a venue so we were delighted when Hayley and Sunny told us they were hosting their wedding at Notley Abbey near Thame.  It is a stellar venue steeped in film history and one of the few places to offer outside wedding ceremonies. We had a brilliantly chilled out day and to quote a famous phrase there are three people in this marriage as Sunny’s son was an integral part of every element of the day from being responsible for the safe arrival of the rings to making a funny and moving speech after the wedding breakfast which had a heavy focus on how much he loved it when Hayley cooked the dinner !  I know I could never have been so confident at his age. He is clearly in love with Hayley ( and her cooking !) and was delighted to have a front row seat to watch his Dad and Hayley tie the knot.

It’s not every day you see an elephant wedding cake and we loved the confetti bomb which exploded just as Hayley and Sunny cut their cake, ( wonder where you can buy those from? )  We followed first dance with a fab firework display and that was our cue to head home to our dogs and reflect on our second wedding at Notley Abbey and how much we love working with couples who are clearly delighted to have walked down the aisle and started a new chapter.   So we’ll leave you with a little collection and say that If you’re planning your own  Notley Abbey wedding give us a call.  It’s a fab venue, well run and the food is brill!

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