Wedding at The Barn at Bury Court for Katie and Luke

Wedding at The Barn at Bury Court for Katie and Luke

Ah, what a lovely day we had with Katie & Luke covering their wedding at wonderful The Barn at Bury Court near Farnham.  There was enough time for us to travel down on the day, but who needs the stress of navigating the M25 when you can stay in a fun B&B and have a great meal out and a particularly good breakfast which sets you up for the day.

Well this was a new venue for us and what a treat. The Barn at Bury Farm is owned by a very passionate plantsman and so the flowers and planting around the grounds was fabulous. Lots of grasses and bold planting makes me wish we could return later in the year as the grasses will look fabulous!  But, back to the blog in hand and the fabulous Katie & Luke. The Bridal suite is very generous with its own kitchen and seating area and it was here that Katie and the girls got ready. It was lovely being able to hear guests arriving as the girls finalised their preparations.  We were blessed with great weather, and great light. As the guests sat down to eat their meal, we retired to take a breather but our attention was grabbed by a new waiter at the venue being asked to make an announcement of congratulations to the Bride and Groom on the microphone… that’s odd, whats going on here ?  Well, Katie’s Mother, Jackie, had planned a surprise (I’m not sure anyone other than Jackie had any idea what was happening) visit from two Singing Waiters and they absolutely brought the house down. Not only amazing voices, but really great showmen and they had pretty much everyone on their feet joining in a conga!!!  Such a great laugh.

We had a great time at this wedding. Katie is the daughter of our friend Dominic so it had the added poignancy of seeing a kind friend give his daughter away, looking proud as punch of his only daughter on what proved to be a fantastic and memorable day. If you’re planning your own wedding at the Barn at Bury Farm, give us a call on 01908 666374 or email  We’ d love to hear from you.

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