Sculpture Gallery wedding – Sinead & Neil

We love a Sculpture Gallery Wedding. It is one of the premier venues in our part of the world and it never fails to wow and delight all who are lucky enough to have an event there. Sinead and Neil’s Sculpture Gallery wedding was our 5th there, and it was a corker!  The weather finally broke and we were bathed in sunshine for probably the first time this year. Hurrah! Sinead and her bridesmaids got ready in the Presidents Suite at the Doubletree Hilton in Milton Keynes.  A great hotel and the room overlooks the MKDons pitch so we had light a plenty and clearly the President likes to spread out as we had plenty of room for everyone to get ready in.  With many guests having travelled from overseas, a coach was laid on from the Hilton to take the majority of the guests to Woburn.  Whilst I was with Sinead, Don was in the pub with team Neil! After a swift pint, or two, they all arrived at the Sculpture Gallery within a few minutes of each other. The light at the Sculpture Gallery is always fabulous and on this day, after the very long weeks of winter, the sun really had its hat on. All of the guests were able to enjoy a beautiful afternoon outside on the terrace until being called in for the wedding breakfast and some really excellent speeches!  I must find out the name of the band that played as they were awesome they had the whole room up and moving straight away, which is an under appreciated skill, and so important as a wedding moves into full swing party mode! If you are planning your own Sculpture Gallery wedding, then please, please, please do get in touch !  You will have a wonderful time, the team there really do know how to look after you and we would be thrilled, as always, to return there.  If you would like to see other Sculpture Gallery weddings that we have covered, click one of the links below. x Spring WeddingAutumn WeddingWinter Wedding          

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