Parley Manor Wedding

This Parley Manor Wedding was on one of those hot Summer days where the sun is as high as can be, resulting in some pretty challenging light conditions. That said as I sit here in the depth of winter, I long for that wonderful weather so I’m pretty happy to have revisited one of our favourite weddings from last year. Jodie is the daughter of old friend, so it was especially lovely to be able to see David as the proud father of his rather gorgeous girl.  This was our first visit to Parley Manor, which is just outside Bournemouth.  We travelled down the day before and got caught in the rain on the seafront so we were chuffed to bits to wake up to warm sun. After a quick stroll on the beach we headed off to capture Jodie and Harrison as they got ready in local hotels before heading off to Parley Manor for their wedding.

The wedding ceremony was conducted inside a permanent marquee in the grounds which gave us lovely cover from the harsh shadows of the high sun and they are some of our favourite pictures from the day. We then moved out into the gardens as everyone mingled and enjoy the fantastic weather before they headed off the a second marquee for the wedding breakfast. We waited until after the meal before attempting the couple shoot as the light was just spectacular in the early evening. It won’t escape your notice that Harrison is a pretty tall guy and any fans of basketball may well recognise him and his best man as they are indeed professional players. We loved working with both Harrison & Jodie to highlight how brilliantly these two fit together. During their couple shoot we avoided sitting down shots or putting them on different levels/steps, as we embraced the height difference and we both just love these pictures.

As a gardener I loved being at this Parley Manor Wedding as the grounds are really inspiring and all designed and maintained by one women, ( my new hero). We’d be happy to have the excuse to head back to the south coast. If  you are planning your own Parley Manor Wedding, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email so we can check our diary and arrange to meet up.

Parley Manor Wedding
Parley Manor WeddingParley Manor WeddingParley Manor WeddingParley Manor Wedding

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