Newton Blossomville Wedding – Sam and Paul

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Newton Blossomville Wedding – Sam and Paul

Now this one was a corker !  Sam and Paul held their Newton Blossomville wedding at home in Paul’s parents back garden. Not that this was just any ordinary back garden as it looks out over horses grazing in fields and the views include the Church where their ceremony was held earlier in the day.  If my memory serves me well, Sam and Paul met in the village where Paul had spent (mis-spent?) his youth. So, although they no longer live there, it was a given that theirs would be a Newton Blossomville wedding as nowhere else would do. In fact it was where we did the pre wedding shoot on a chilly spring day earlier this year.

Sam and her 5 bridesmaids got ready at home in the local village of Harrold.  Sam was supremely relaxed throughout the bridal preparation stage and was delighted to see that each bridesmaid despite all shopping separately for their yellow dresses, had secured outfits in matching shades and they looked amazing.  A camper van from Callico Moon was on hand to drive them on this very hot day to Newton Blossomville, where Paul and the piper were waiting for Sam’s arrival.

One of our favourite moments was seeing the wedding party gently meander the village streets following the piper from the church back to Pauls parents home. It was a fabulous moment made all the better by the number of neighbours and villagers who lined the route to wish them well.  So, onto the reception, there was a major treat, or two, in store. Firstly the food was  amazing. Sam and Paul had chosen a paella feast and their wonderful caterers, the utterly fantastic Pan Global Catering, always take the time to make their own Chorizo and it showed in the eating. It was stellar!  Secondly, Paul had mentioned that he played guitar in a band and I think that is possibly the understatement of the year as he strapped on his guitar and turned into a rock god! He is the lead guitarist of the highly regarded Albany Down, check out their albums on iTunes (other platforms are available) they are brilliant. I’m pretty sure they don’t usually play in three piece suits, but I think it could be a new look for them and their playing was awesome. A hi-octane set from them led into a hi-octane party. What a night!

So, here are the pictures, enjoy, and if you’re planning your own homestyle event or Newton Blossomville wedding, then we be delighted to hear from you.

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