Moor Park Wedding. Chantel and Chris

Moor Park Wedding. Chantel and Chris

I can honestly think of no better way to get our wedding photography year underway in 2016 than with a Moor Park Wedding. Tell a lie, the best way to start is a Moor Park Wedding plus Chantel and Chris to make it super memorable.  If the rest of this years weddings have a fraction of the fun, love and affection we witnessed on this January day, then we are in for a stellar year.  You can see their Pre-wedding Shoot here and it was lovely to see the enlargement from this shoot being signed throughout the day.

January 2016 will not go down in history as having extroardary weather, certainly not in Rickmansworth, however on this final Saturday, the sun eventually came out, the sky could not have been more blue and we were blessed with one of those crisp, clear days which, so long as you stayed out of the cold dark shade, could easily have passed for late April.

Moor Park is a hidden gem surrounded by golf courses and I think owned by the golf club members. They have recently redecorated the suite where Chantel and her seven bridesmaids got ready and it was a very chilled out atmosphere up there.  We were chivvied along by the Master of Ceremonies who kept everything moving and suddenly we were off to the Orangery for the ceremony and then back to the main house for the reception, wedding breakfast and party.  I don’t think anything prepares you for the ornate interiors of Moor Park. It is stunning and the light in there is totally inspirational. It would be fabulous to go back there will more time and really explore how the light falls as the possibilities are huge.

After a quick receiving line the guests made there way through for the wedding breakfast and were treated to either a miniature bottle of Chambord or Jägermeister.  Unlike sugared almonds I don’t think many of these bottles were left on the table at the end of the meal.  Also, side note, the food at Moor Park was gorgeous and the chef even treated us, the help, to a desert!

A Frank Sinatra tribute started the evening off whilst the reception guests arrived followed by a first dance which saw Chris break out his moves, much to Chantel’s delight.   I think it’s pretty obvious we loved this wedding and we love this couple, who were extremely generous to us throughout and made this a special day for us.  So, check out the pictures, soak up the rooms and if you’re planning a wedding at Moor Park, we’d love to hear from you.


Flowers:                      Maples Flowers

Brides Dress:             The Bridal House in High Wycombe

Grooms Suit               Impeccable Wear 

Videography              Kady Eliza       

Frank Sinatra          Fred Gardner                   

Chris wedding Moor_Park_Wedding_bridal Prep Moor_Park_Wedding_groom Moor_Park_Wedding_flowerse Moor_Park_Winter_wedding Moor_Park_Wedding_in_Winter Moor_Park_Wedding_getting_ready Moor_Park_Wedding_Bridesmaids weddings_Moor_Park weddings_Moor_Park_getting_ready getting_ready_at_moor_Park_wedding Bride_getting_ready_Moore_park_wedding wedding_photography_Moor_Park weddings_at_Moor_ParkReid_Photography Flowers.-1005-2
Moor_Park_Orangery_Wedding Moor_Park_Orangery_Wedding_Photography Moor_Park_Orangery_Wedding_ceremony Moor_Park_Orangery_Wedding pictures witner-wedding_Moor_Park_Orangery Moor_Park_Winter_weddings Congetti Moor_Park_Wedding_confetti Guests at Moor-Park_wedding Bride_at_Moor_Park Detail Moor_Park_wedding_photography Moor_Park_Orangery_Wedding 2 Moor_Park_Wedding_Photographers Moor_Park_Wedding_Photographers 2 Receiving_line_moor_park_wedding Moor_park_Wedding_speeches Moor_Park_wedding_speech Best_Man_Speech Moor_Park Moor_Park_wedding_reception Moor_Park_wedding_reception 2 Moor_Park_wedding_reception 3 Moor_Park_wedding_reception_ 5 Wedding_Photography_Moor_Park_Rickmansworth

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