Milton Keynes Wedding Photographers – pre-wedding session

milton keynes wedding photographers

Milton Keynes Wedding Photographers – pre-wedding session

Katie is the daughter of a family friend so we were delighted when dad Dominic got in touch to ask us to cover his little girls wedding. But first things first, here is their pre-wedding session.  It is really nice as Milton Keynes wedding photographers to be able to stay close to home sometimes, so it was especially nice to be able complete this pre-wedding session within yards of our home in Loughton. Come back to the blog in a week or so and take a look at their wedding pictures.  It’s going to be very pretty and full of fun, can’t wait !

Loughton_pre-wedding_photography Reid_Photography_Loughton Reid_Photography Loughton_wedding_photography pre_wedding_shoot_Milton_Keynes milton_keynes_pre-wedding Katy and luke prewedding


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