Mercedes Benz world Wedding Reception – Manjinder and Anil

Mercedes Benz world Wedding Reception – Manjinder and Anil

So here it is, part 2 of  Manjinder and Anil’s wedding as we arrive for their  Mercedes Benz World Wedding Reception. Several hundred friends and family travelled to Chertsey to the brilliant museum and race track. Not being a petrol head kind of girl I’m sure I missed out on appreciating their finer cars on show but  I can tell you they gave a wonderful air of glamour and luxury !   The initial drinks reception was held upstairs amongst the fabulous cars and we were blessed with some gorgeous early evening light.  The main reception was so beautifully lit and as the sun came down we enjoyed a feast and some very touching and emotional speeches that highlighted to everyone that life can, at times, be unkind but with great friends and warm family it is possible to overcome and find yourself at the final part of your wedding celebrations, which started start in New York and ended in the UK, surrounded by all those that you love and care for the most. As always with Indian weddings, the party was incredible and as we slipped away at around 10.30pm, it was going strong and no doubt there were sore heads the next day!

Indian and Asian weddings of all varieties are such a joy and we would love to be part of your day, so if you are looking for relaxed modern coverage of your wedding from hair and make up through to your evening party and final ceremonial rituals, we’d love to hear from you.  Get in touch by email or give us a ring on 01908 666374.


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