Mayfair Wedding – Elizabeth & Ryan

Mayfair Wedding – Elizabeth & Ryan

In the middle of Autumn we found ourselves at the Mayfair Wedding of Elizabeth & Ryan who we first met at the National Wedding Fair.  London wedding’s are always amazing but occasionally other factors can add unforeseen pressures.  It was on this precise day that Regent Street was closed to celebrate London hosting the NFL and as much fun as it was for the American Football fans, it caused traffic mayhem all around. Both got ready at Le Meridien on Piccadilly which also served as the venue for their glamorous reception. Don was working with Mona as a second shooter for this wedding so whilst Mona spent time with Elizabeth as she got ready,  Don capture Ryan’s final moments as a single man before running around Mayfair with Ryan as they navigated the traffic chaos.  As you will see they were both crammed into a cab with other guests whilst Elizabeth serenely glided to the Church with her dad !

The church was the quite fabulous Farm Street Church on Mount Street in Mayfair and it has long been on our wish list of places to photograph, so I was more than a little envious not to be there to experience this magnificent venue., never mind, next time I’ll grab the opportunity !

We don’t often include pre-wedding shoots in the same blog post, but here are a few which were also taken around Mayfair just a few weeks before their lovely Farm Street service. If you are planning your own Mayfair Wedding or indeed anywhere in the UK and would like to chat through how you want your photography to reflect your own wedding day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.  You can also track upcoming weddings and shoots by liking our Facebook page. 

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