Luton Hoo Wedding

Luton Hoo Wedding.

Considered one of the most prestigious venues in the area Luton Hoo is an absolute gem and one that has been on our bucket list for some time. Imagine then how chuffed we were when we met Cindy and Peter to talk about their Luton Hoo Wedding.  When the big day arrived, last August, the day was still, sunny and the sky blue. We knew we were in for an amazing day.

Cindy is a very glamorous women and her gown was equally amazing. It was a treat to be with her during the getting ready phase as her Mum and Sister helped with the finishing touches before her bridesmaids arrived to see the full impact of Cindy in all her finery.  Her son gave her away and it was an emotional moment when he saw his Mum in her gown for the first time.  Corks were popped and bubbles poured before we headed down the dramatic staircase and into the wedding room for the service where Peter was waiting,  as cool as cucumber.  Happy to say my favourite flowers (hydrangeas and roses) were everywhere and looks spectacular.

We had a bit of rain just before the wedding breakfast. Thankfully we waited until after the meal and speeches before heading out with Cindy and Peter for a couple shoot. This also  gave them the chance to catch their breath and grab a bit of time together. Our patience was rewarded with that lovely warm evening light that you always hope for but don’t always get.  After their couple shoot, we  headed into the basement for the evening party which was brilliant. There is nothing better than when the evening reception kicks off and then just keeps going, which is not easy to achieve and the DJ was fab, so kudos to him and to everyone there who could give lessons in how to let your hair down and have a great time.

Your Wedding

As always, we are keen to return to new venues as we know there are many nooks and crannies at Luton Hoo for us to explore, so if you are planning your own Luton Hoo Wedding and are looking for natural, uninterrupted coverage of your wedding day, then please do get in touch.  Click here to email or call 01908 666374 and we’ll arrange to meet up either here in Milton Keynes or in Soho, whichever is easier for you.



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