London Wedding Photography – Emma and Peter

London Wedding Photography – Emma and Peter

This was a very special day. The weather huffed and puffed but failed to blow Emma & Peter’s wedding off course, as I left Peter for the fifteen minute drive across West London to Ealing Broadway at the impressive Christ the Saviour Parish Church it started to rain, heavily. Thankfully that was all we saw of the rain until late into the evening when, quite frankly, who cared? We met Emma & Peter at one of the recent National Wedding Shows and after a great Pre-wedding session with them earlier this Summer we were really looking forward to this wedding. Unfortunately Sally was unable to join me for this wedding but we were very fortunate that the wonderful Marianne Chau was available to photograph with me on the day, thanks Marianne. Emma looked wonderful and, it has to be said, Peter scrubbed top pretty well too. I know that Peter would want me to take the time to mention the Formal Tailor in Bicester who helped him to channel his inner Idris Elba for the day!! Drama was added to the group photography when Emma’s Gran succumbed to the heat and fainted, fortunately after a twenty minute break to have a sit-down and a drink of water she was back form and was still going strong at the reception when I left. We had to pass on our planned excursion for a couples shoot and headed straight to the Doubletree Hotel on Ealing Common for the reception. As much as every wedding day we photograph is an enormous privilige to be involved in I cannot recall ever being as  moved as I was by the outstanding speeches delivered by everyone who did so here. From amusing recollections of school day pranks to poignant memories of less happy days and of those not fortunate enough to be able to join them on this very special day. Emma & Peter are very special to each other but quite obviously also to their families and their army of wonderful friends.

We hope you love the collection we’ve put together here and if you’re planning a wedding in Ealing please do get in touch.

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