Lake Garda Wedding – Nadia & John

Lake Garda Wedding – Nadia & John

Every now and then you have to pinch yourself and thank your lucky stars that you were the right person in the right place. In the middle of August, I was indeed pinching myself as I travelled to Gardone in Italy for Nadia & John’s Lake Garda Wedding.  Nadia is the younger sister of one of my oldest friends Carla.  Co-incdentally Don and I had photographed Carla and Nadias older sister Tracey’s wedding last summer so it was lovely to see their wider family in the magnificent setting of the Gardone Town Hall for this wonderful wedding. Thankfully the weather was much better at Lake Garda than it had been in Mayfair where we were treated to, what felt like, a tropical storm last year!

Nadia and John were staying up in the hills above Lake Garda, which was where we spent the last couple of hours before the ceremony.  Nadia & Carla had a very relaxing morning whilst they had their hair and make up done.  We then drove down the very winding road back down to the town hall.  I think Gardone’s ceremony room must be in my top 3 wedding rooms,  it felt deeply romantic and was steeped in history.  The service was conducted in Italian with most people fanning themselves in the heat,  pure romance, pure Italian and just perfect.

After a few group shots and a portrait session with Nadia and John, we took the tourist train down to the restaurant, situated right on the lake.  It was a wonderful intimate setting and once the sun had gone down the speeches began, followed by a brilliant DJ set which got everyone up and dancing straight away. ( which is  a talent not to be overlooked).   Around 9.00 we heard the first splash !!  and one by one at least 50% of the wedding party dived into the Lake, including Johns amazing grandmother who simply removed her hat and jumped in and had the time of her life.  You’ll have to go to the end of the images here to find out if Nadia resisted the urge to jump in too !!    If you are planning your own Lake Garda wedding, I can recommend the wedding planner Ginny who was magnificent and I wont forgive you if you dont get in touch to have us create your wedding images!!  Destination weddings are great fun and we hope to do more in 2o14.

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