Kim and Charles very original wedding celebration with Converse!

Kim and Charles very original wedding celebration with Converse!

Kim and Charles were guests at the very lovely wedding of Humjot and Bhav we covered last summer and they got in touch to ask us to cover their very original wedding celebrations which were to take place at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth Hertfordshire. The plan was to install a large tent within the grounds and invite all to come for a Summer picnic and games.  Humjots brother Sandeep was the celebrant for the day and the guests were allocated a blanketed space and asked to join in the couples passion for Converse All Star’s by wearing a pair of Chuck Taylor originals!

Sadly Sally was not able to be with us for this wedding, we are though fortunate to have an excellent relationship with the delightful Eleanor Holmes who stepped in (thanks once again Eleanor) to second shoot the day with Don.  Kim and her best friend Graham got ready in the school buildings whilst Charles, in his dapper shorts and custom made Converse, prepped the space and greeted the guests who had come from all over the world to what must have been the most original wedding they had ever attended. Everyone was invited to bring cakes for a Wedding Bake Off Challenge which when all assembled together looked and, Don assures me, smelt amazing! The sunflowers to mark out the blankets and in Kim’s bouquet were all home grown by Kim and Charles and the picnics were all prepped at home too. This was a deeply personal celebration which was full of joy and great fun. The best man’s speech caused a few blushes but Charles survived and some of the revelations clearly delighted Kim!  We loved this wedding, they were bold in their choices and confident in the weather and they pulled it off with great panache and enthusiasm.  We will never cover another wedding like it as it was truly a one off and a very original wedding celebration. Hooray !

Click here to see Kim and Charles London pre-wedding shoot.

If you are planning your own DIY, quirky and original wedding, then we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email and we’ll arrange to meet up. Our diary for 2016 is filling up fast so get in touch soon.


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