Kensington Roof Garden Wedding


Kensington Roof Garden Wedding

Kensington Roof Garden Wedding

Our alarm was set at 5.30am so Don could walk the Dogs and we could make the 7.00am train to London to start work at the Kensington Roof Garden wedding for Bipasha and Andrew. After a quick breakfast at Euston we headed over to this fabulous, discrete and secluded gem of a venue just off High Street Kensington in London. 6 Floors up and the lift opens to reveal an amazing garden sectioned by theme and including their famous pink flamingo’s.

We met Bipasha and Andrew at the Earls Court Wedding fair last September and were beyond thrilled when they commissioned us to cover their 2 days of wedding celebrations. The Kensington Roof Garden wedding was the first, followed the next day by an extraordinary Hindu service at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand ( seperate blog post will follow). You can also see their pre-wedding shoot images that we shot in the winter at Abbey Road and on top of Primrose Hill.

Bipasha wore a stunning white gown and her room overlooked the pond where the flamingo’s were casually strolling around the garden. It was a very relaxed setting, which proved useful as there were some last minute hitches that sent the pulses racing, but to be honest, that is the joy of having your wedding in one place, hiccups can occur and can be dealt with quickly without influencing the timings for the day. Andrew was very relaxed as he waited for his bride and they look amazing together and thrilled that their day had finally arrived.

The service was followed by an opportunity for the guests to get out and enjoy the delights of the Italian garden and of course the flamingo’s, we managed to get a fabulous group shot on the lawns just before the wedding party retired back inside for a much welcome lunch.  We loved covering this first part of the wedding and were extremly grateful that the weather came good just in time for the guests to enjoy this amazing venue.  If you are planning your Kensington Roof Garden wedding and would like to talk to us about covering your day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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