In and Out Club Wedding

We’ve been looking forward to this In & Out, Naval & Military Club wedding all year. We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot at many fabulous locations and The In & Out Club in London’s St. James’s Square certainly makes that list for us. The added bonus was that we were working with the lovely Emma & Jay who we met at the London Olympia National Wedding Show last year.

Don’s day began at their home in Tooting with a quick lunch for Jay with a few friends at a favourite local Tapas restaurant then we hopped onto the Tube up to Green Park for a short walk to the In & Out.

There is a story surrounding Emma’s stunning and very glamorous dress which involved her Sister, her Father and a shop in Madrid. The effort taken to ensure that Emma had the dress of her dreams was entirely worth it. She looked spectacular and matched with Jay’s choice of a handmade suit from our friends at Cad & The Dandy they both looked outstanding for their big day. The weather stayed the course, if you’ll pardon the pun, on Derby Day and we were able to make use of the usually locked gardens in St. James’s Square for a brief couples shoot. The evening was rounded of with a couple of excellent sets from a very good Jazz band, friends of Emma & Jay, who provided a great evening of covers from the Great American Songbook. All in all pretty much the perfect day and one we’d love to reproduce, so if you’re planning wedding in central london please do get in touch. If it happens to be an In & Out Club wedding all the better.

groom prep tube Wedding day_Queens birthday
in_and_out_Club_Wedding in_and_out_Club_Wedding_bridal_prep in_and_out_Club_Wedding_bridal_prep 2 in_and_out_Club_Wedding_bridal_prep 3 in_and_out_Club_Wedding__groom_prep in_and_out_Club_Wedding_guests-arrival groom grooms in_and_out_Club_Wedding_bridal_preparations in_and_out_Club_Wedding_bridal_preps in_and_out_Club_Weddings in_and_out_Club_Wedding_ceremony in_and_out_Club_Wedding_ceremonies in_and_out_Club_Wedding_service in_and_out_Club_Wedding_ceremony guests wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ weddings_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ kiss wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ London aisle wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ Mayfair food_wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ guests staircase_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ the_in_and_out_Club_ wedding_the_in_and_out_Club_ Mayfair_wedding_venue mayfair_wedding London_wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ London_weddings_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ in_and_out_Club_ group shtos group_shots speeches_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ speeches wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ first_dance wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ band wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ pianist wedding_at_the_in_and_out_Club_ St _james

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