Hurlingham Club Wedding Photography

Well this was a delight! The weather was dreamy, the venue, and Charlotte and Hal were fantastic. Two of the most chilled-out “Go With The Flow” people we’ve ever met!  It was a thrill to be asked to cover their Hurlingham Club wedding as it meant we could tick the venue off our wedding photography wish list!  We started the day in Putney, the girls were getting ready at a house in earshot of Fulham football club who were playing at home and Hal and his groomsmen got into their black tie and dinner jacket combo’ at the Yacht Club down on the Thames.  The service was at 4.00pm so we had a long leisurely build up to the ceremony which whilst serious and of course formal was full of joy, particularly when the Registrar accidentally asked Hal to take Victoria( not Charlotte) to be his lawfully wedded wife ! The Registrar was mortified but everyone else took it in great humour and burst out laughing!

The Hurlingham Club is a truly wonderful venue with gorgeous gardens and plenty of nooks and crannies for us to explore for the portrait session. Just before we headed off for portraits we took what is now one of our favourite group shots. The bridal party were asked to chill out on the chairs and chat amongst themselves and with the smallest amount of direction we got a great shot of them, which is very natural and is a fantastic representation of how relaxed the entire wedding was and great example of how group shots don’t need to be everyone lined up and looking at the lens. We love it!

Given how nice it was outside it was almost a shame to go inside for the wedding breakfast but Charlotte and Hal had dressed the room beautifully and the flowers were amazing.  Dancing went on into the night to a fantastic live band and we left after getting some quick silhouette shots in front of the majestic facade which formed the backdrop to this lovely Hurlingham Club wedding ( check out the photobombing just before the end of the day)

This wedding was full of fun and I have to thank the lovely Mona who worked with me as Don wasn’t available. If you are planning your own Hurlingham Club wedding and would like to chat through your plans and the style of photography you are hoping to have, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and although we have ticked the club off our bucket list of venues, we’d be very happy to return !

Hurlingham_Club_wedding 001 jimmy_choo_wedding_shoes_Hurlingham_Club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding 002 dress for Hurlingham_Club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding 003 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 005 details Hurlingham_Club_wedding 004 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 006 Hurlingham_yacht_club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding 009 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 010 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 008 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 011 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 012 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 013 guests at Hurlingham_Club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding 014 bride_Hurlingham_Club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding 015 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 016 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 017 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 018 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 019 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 020 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 021 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 022 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 023 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 024 guests guests 2 best_group_shot_at_a_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding 025 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 027 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 028 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 029 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 030 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 031 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 032 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 033 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 034 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 035 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 036 Hurlingham_Club_wedding 037 first dance first dance Hurlingham_Club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding dancing Hurlingham_Club_wedding_reception wedding party Hurlingham_Club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding photography photobombing a Hurlingham_Club_wedding Hurlingham_Club_wedding 038

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