Reid Photography

We're Don & Sally Reid, owners of Reid Photography in Milton Keynes. We offer modern wedding photography for fab couples who know they will love their pictures for ever and want modern relaxed images of their day


We're primarily modern wedding photographers, but often find ourselves working persuading babies to smile,or corporate people not to !


As the queen of coffee, I need very little encouragement to brew a pot. So if you're up for a wicked latte while we chat about your wedding, i'm your girl!


Ready to talk Photography? Call 01908 666374 or email: We can't wait to meet you,

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Sally Reid-1001

After years of the film and TV business, we set up Reid Photography and I now find myself loving my life as a wedding photographer. It feeds the soul (and thankfully us) and when I'm not shooting an amazing wedding, I'm at home in Loughton with the dogs, and 3 little boys who call me nanny !

Sally Reid

Fan of Modern Wedding Photography, Gardener, Coffee Maker, Marmite Lover.
Don Reid-1001

food & wine, dogs and creating modern wedding photography. That just about sums me up and I'm more the happier for it !

Don Reid

Photographer, dog walker, wine collector, best chef in the world ( according to Sal !)

in complete control from the moment they wakes up to. Spoilt beyond words and adored beyond measure.

The reason we do it all !