Hindu Pre-wedding Rituals

Hindu Pre-wedding Rituals

As part of our coverage for Leanne and Abhi’s wedding celebrations we were asked to cover each of the hindu pre wedding rituals that took place prior to the main ceremony ( which will be in a separate blog post).  We had already spent the week with the family covering their themed parties each night which kept their guests entertained each evening which were great fun, now it was time to focus on the pre-wedding rituals including the bridal mehndi and the religious ceremonies that form part an essential part of the wedding.  In order to have sufficient time to dry, Leanne had her bridal mehndi designs completed on Thursday evening.  These extraordinary intricate designs include messages for both the bride and groom to find and are a thing of beauty, although Abhi proved his worth when it came time to eating as he had to spoon feed leanne for fear of smudging the design!

The following morning Abhi’s family gathered  and were presented with traditional gifts following the final ceremonial rituals were completed. These customs were bought to an end by the application of a turmeric and sandalwood paste which each guest was invited to join in to ensure Abhi was covered from head to toe in this cleansing paste, looks like it got into all kinds of places thanks to the groomsmen’s enthusiastic application !   After the ceremonies were completed we left the family as we all moved into central London for the Mehndi Party, which was a fabulous evening ( you’ll see pictures in our next blog post) x

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