Greenwich shoot for movie mad Lorraine and Simon.

Greenwich shoot for movie mad Lorraine and Simon.

You know you are in the company of amazing film fans when their wedding invitation is in the form of a DVD complete with amazing inlay cards and the wedding reception is booked at Pinewood Studios.  Lorraine and Simon are 2 such people and their passion for films and comic book styling is everywhere.  We can’t wait to photograph their wedding later in the year and think that their blog post will have  a huge number of images as we will want to show you all the details that Lorraine and Simon have hand prepared for their big day.

But I digress. Two weeks ago on a very very warm sunny Sunday, we met up at the London Eye and took the river taxi service down to majestic Greenwich.  We choose it as the Royal Navy College has been a backdrop to many a film and the structures there were just fabulous. It would be an amazing place for a winter shoot too, so no doubt we will be suggesting for 2014 couples who want  a winter shoot.

Enjoy the little slideshow from this shoot and Come back to the blog in the autumn to see their movie wedding where we hope to provide images that will look like stills from a movie for them.

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