Finedon Church Wedding – Rebecca and James

Finedon Church Wedding – Rebecca and James

It seems like an age since we first met with Rebecca and James to talk about their Finedon Church Wedding, but as always time has flown by and their wedding day arrived last weekend on the hottest day of the year so far. Not a breeze to be found just glorious sunshine.  Rebecca and the girls got ready at her parents home. Their house and more importantly their immaculate garden was the venue for the wedding reception. Rebecca and James Finedon Church wedding was officiated by Rev. Richard Coles and it was fun listening to his show, which is live in London on Radio4 each Saturday morning, as we drove up at the start of the day, knowing that he would be in front of us in only a matter of hours.  He must have nerves of steel to whiz up the M1 every week in time to conducts weddings in the afternoon. The service was great fun and somehow included a reference to Jedward!

After leaving the church, we did a quick detour to see Rebecca’s grandfather, who was unable to make it to the church, we walked in to find him sat upright in bed with a bottle of champagne and Prince William mask on…. certainly made us all smile and he was extremely touched that Rebecca, James and the bridesmaids all took time out to include him in the celebration of the day, the rest of which was very relaxed, if extremely hot !  This wedding was great fun with a book running on the length of time taken for the speeches, seems that someone, amongst the wedding party is known as a bit of a talker!!

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