Dodford Manor Wedding

Dodford Manor is, it seems, an Autumn venue for us and a very lucky one at that. We’ve always been blessed with the kind of gorgeous warm late Autumn sunlight that you really do have to make the most of as you know it’s only a matter of days before the clocks change and Winter comes knocking.

Kirsty and Martyn are a really lovely local couple, we met a wedding fair in Milton Keynes earlier in 2016 and they are testament to the benefit of having a pre-wedding shoot.  Most of the couples we work with have one person who rather be in the dentists chair than having their picture taken and Kirsty and Martyn were no different. We put quite a bit of time in to making them feel comfortable being photographed and it paid dividends as they were both much more relaxed throughout their wedding than they would have been without the pre-wedding session. It took so much pressure off for them both as they could be confident that their pictures would tell the story of their day without them feeling at all self-conscious while we were working with them.

Kirsty, her family and the bridesmaids all got ready at the wonderful Staverton Hall, which is something of a hidden gem and one that we would highly recommend you discovering. The bridal party hired the whole house which meant we had a very chilled out morning in rooms that gave me beautiful light to play with. To top it all I discovered Juliette was the make-up artist, a hugely talented and lovely lady who we have worked with several times before and it’s always nice to cross paths with people whose work is so fabulous. We then headed off to Dodford Manor for the rest of the day.  It is one of the most popular venues locally and for good reason. The staff are brilliant and the layout is perfect, one which gently moves the guests from room to room without feeling hurried or hurded around, we love it there.  So huge congratulations to Kirsty and Martyn, your day was gorgeous the details you choose where devine and I think your cake choice could /should win prizes for its exquisite decoration and no doubt it tasted amazing too.

If you are planning your own Dodford Manor wedding and feel our relaxed style is what you are looking for then we would love to hear from you. Who knows we may actually get there in the Summertime one year !



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