Asylum Chapel Wedding for two brides

This was one of those “Pinch Me” weddings.  We had wanted to shoot an Asylum Chapel wedding for years so we had all our fingers and toes crossed when we met with Suzanne and Andrea to talk through their wedding plans and could not have been more thrilled when they asked us to be the photographers for their Asylum Chapel wedding with a pre and post ceremony celebrations at The Lordship Pub.

This was a fabulous crisp autumn day and both brides got ready together at Andreas family home. Once the house was locked up, Dad headed off to the Pub in his car for the pre ceremony drinks and we all headed off to the fabulous vintage London bus for the journey to The Lordship. Once on the bus the question that hung in the air was asked… “you have got the rings haven’t you?”….Oops !  The rings were locked in the house, the keys to the house were in Dad’s pocket and Dad was driving, so being a good boy, he didn’t answer his phone although he must have wondered why it was continually ringing! Not to worry, this lovely wedding had a pre-ceremony reception so whilst everyone chilled out eating lunch and toasting the forthcoming nuptials, Dad fled back across London to get the rings.

So, off we went back on the bus to finally get to shoot thier Asylum Chapel Wedding and wow this place didn’t disappoint. The outside is pretty unassuming, but inside it is breathtaking.  You can hire the Chapel to include your reception so long as you know that there are no services here so it all has to be bought in, but if I was getting married again, I would so do the whole wedding here.  The atmosphere is gorgeous and you can’t help but take some of your best shots in a place like this.

We had to be dragged away back to the pub, by which time everyone had left to head back to The Lordship, including the brides ride ! So we bundled them into the back of our car and headed back for an amazing reception at The Lordship pub where we had great food, amazing speeches and brilliant music to party the night away too.

If you just happen to be planning your wedding at The Asylum Chapel and feel that you want relaxed, natural, innovative photography, then please do get in touch.  We already consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been there once, and would be more than a bit pleased to head back there for your day.  Get in touch, send an email and we look forward to hearing from you.

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