Focussing on Asian Weddings

In the past few years we have attracted more and more Asian Weddings working for couples who are looking for a more relaxed documentary style of wedding photograph. Whilst they appreciate the need to have some group photographs, they dont want to be sat for an hour having the same photograph taken but with different guests along side them.  That is not to say they don’t want guest photographs, they just want a more natural setting for those shots which also frees the couple up to spend more time with their loved ones, enjoying the moment and soaking up the atmosphere of their wedding. As a result we have  focussed more and more time on Asian Wedding Photography and these weddings never disappoint. We enjoy photographing all types of weddings but Asian weddings offer a blend of extraordinary colour, are creatively very challenging and inspiring, and quite frankly have the  best party ever !


Here is a small selection of some recent Asian Weddings.  Click on any image to see it full sized and watch the slideshow.